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Crufts Trophies

Best in Show

In memory of Robert. Keddell - Show Manager 1894-1924.
HEIGHT: Approx. Twenty Four & three quarter inches
Challenge cup form, single chased body band,  lower body with applied floral and leaf garlands, fruiting vine decoration shells and scrolls on
matted ground with shaped plain sections above and below, plain upper body with two applied matching vacant cartouches, two-boxed leaf topped scroll handles the sides matted, each with large petal terminal, gadroon mounted cover with domed centre, matching applied decoration and matted ground, large stiff leaf and leaf bud finial on matted ground, raised on a large round domed spread foot with matching decoration, large ebonised wood plinth with silver inscription.

Send Gold Vase

Cup and Cover, 9 carat gold, height 17.5 inches, shaped oval, ogee mount, plain bowl fluted at four regular intervals, two handles cast and chased in the form of a dog bust, laurel mounted raised cover with octagonal centre, cast and chased terrier finial on pedestal base, octagonal panelled tapering stem terminating in eight foliate scroll brackets between the bowl and the stem, base of stem with plain band section, skirt foot, bowl engraved, "Send Gold Vase/Best Terrier/Presented to/The Kennel Club/by/Gordon Stewart/1930"on the obverse and "Best Terrier/Airedale Terriers / Bedlington / Border/Bull/Cairn / Dandie Dinmont Terriers/For Fox terriers/West Highland White terriers/Irish terriers/Kerry Blue terriers/Manchester/Scottish/ Sealyham/Skye/Welsh" all raised on double tiered, octagonal shaped, mahogany wood plinth, both tiers with eight inscription plates (8 being 7.5 cm. x 4 cm., 8 being 9 cm. x 4.5 cm) engraved with winners from 1964, and four inscription plates being plain, all in a fitted wood carrying case.

1930 Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. 

The Lonsdale Cup

Cup & Cover, height 13 inches, Challenge Cup Form, silver gilt, single applied body band, plain upper body, lower body applied with alternate feather or foliate scroll straps on matted ground, two leaf decorated scroll handles, detachable cover with domed centre applied with matching strapwork decoration, fancy leaf and leaf bud finial, round spread foot with fancy florette and leaf mount, matching border, the obverse engraved “For the best Dog / in the show”, the reverse engraved “Presented to the Kennel Club / by the Earl of Lonsdale”, on double tiered ebonised wood plinth with two inscription plates engraved with winners 1912 & 13, 1920-38, & from 1969.  “Not awarded 1938 &1968/Re-presented by the Kennel Club to/ Crufts Show/1969/For the best Irish Setter”.

1912 Sebastian Garrard  


The Clair Memorial Trophy - Best Afghan Hound

Model of Afghan hound, length 6 inches, height 6¾ inches, cast of base metal in an artistic impression of an Afghan hound in standing position, raised on an ebonised wood plinth with inscription plates one engraved “The Clair Race Memorial Trophy / For the Best Breed / in Afghan Hounds at Cruft’s /presented by her Family & Friends”, three others engraved from 1970.
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